How to Find PUK Code on Sim Card?

How to Find PUK Code on Sim Card – The Personal Unlocking Key or PUK code is a security feature that exists in all the modern SIM cards that we use in our tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. If you, unfortunately, insert the wrong PIN three times, this PUK code will help you to unlock your device.

This PUK code is unique to every SIM card, and if you enter it wrongly ten times, your SIM card can get disabled. So, it is crucial to enter the correct number. Given below is what the PUK code is and how can you find it along with making cheap international calls.

What is a PUK code?

Nowadays, most mobile devices come with the feature of PIN protection. PUK code is crucial for the protection of your SIM card, and each SIM comes with a unique PUK code of 8 digits. This code is not hard to find; mainly, this code is kept by your network service provider. 

It might be a tough task to retrieve this code, depending on who the service provider is. PUK code is also crucial for those SIM cards that help you in making cheap international calls.

When do you need the PUK code?

Mainly you will need this PUK code in those situations where your SIM card, phone, or even both are blocked. If the PIN is written on the SIM, then you will have to type in that number as a security measure when you switch your mobile device. 

If you type the wrong PIN several times, your PUK will be locked. At that time, you will need this correct PUK code to unlock your device and make some cheap international calls.

How does this PUK code work?

The function regarding the security of your PIN is activated when you switch on your mobile phone or device. You will need a PIN of 4-to-8-digit to activate the non-emergency calling features of your phone. 

At that time, if you enter the wrong number, or PIN more than three times, then that GSM SIM will be blocked or even your device might get locked.

The mobile service provider provides this PUK code to its users for unlocking the phone, SIM, or even both in those emergencies after verifying the user. 

Now, if you enter an incorrect PUK code more than ten times at a time, your SIM card will be disabled or blocked permanently and can’t be recovered. Thus, it is crucial to keep that PUK code with yourself to make sure that you can retrieve it whenever needed.

How to find the PUK code on the SIM card?

When you buy a new SIM, the PUK code will be printed on the package of the SIM. Thus, a way to find out the PUK code is to check the package or box where the card was packed. This PUK can also be printed on the label of the package. 

If you can’t see the code on those places, then you can talk with the retailer from where you purchased the SIM, and they will help you out.

How to get a PUK code online?

You can also get the PUK code from the online portal of your network provider. You just need to have an online account on that portal after going through the verification procedure. You can easily download their official app, log in and check for your PUK code.

Therefore, by knowing how to find the PUK code of your SIM, you can easily unlock your device or SIM and make cheap international calls.