How do I check if an email address is valid?

How often do you find that the email you sent is not delivered? If the delivery of the email was rejected, there may be more reasons for such a thing. However, the most common reason is a fake email address. This means that it no longer exists because the person changed the company or something else happened. Either way, you can very easily with the help of an email checker find out if an email address is correct or not.

Email address verification

There are two types of verification – manual and automatic verification. Manual verification involves sending content to the recipient’s email address. If it is invalid, you will receive a rejection from the mail server. You may not receive any response, due to server configuration.

In addition to manual entry, you can opt for a much more reliable verification mechanism and that is automatic verification. This means that you will use a checker that contains tools for detecting email addresses. Its task is to determine its validity in a very short time.

Manual verification

If you received an e-mail from an unknown person or company, the easiest way to check the sender of the e-mail is to google the information about him. For example, if the message contains information about a prize, it is probably a scam, and such information certainly exists on the Internet. However, if you do not find bad information about the sender on Google, it may not be a scam. There are plenty of other little things that point to a suspicious activity. The parameters can be the compatibility of the address with the domain or site of the organization, the name of the sender, the grammar and style of writing, the request for an urgent response, the presence of a link in the content of the email, etc.

You can also use the sender’s address and report that you have lost your password. After entering his address, you will be immediately informed that it does not exist if it is fake. You can also rely on social media by looking for a sender on Facebook, Instagram and other places. The IP address can also be checked. For example, if someone tells you that they come from Japan, and the IP address says the opposite, it is clear to you what is happening.

Automatic verification

There are many different ways you can check your email address, but the easiest and most reliable tool is the email checker. All you need is an email checker app and an internet network so you can use it. This is a great option for all people involved in internal marketing, because properly filtering emails is one of the most important items in the business. That way, your business will be of better quality, because you will remove all spam and eliminate problems in time.

Verification generally involves several steps such as domain verification, sender name, and the like. However, the app will do it much faster than you and you will get accurate information.


Although spam filters on email services generally work well, some emails go through all the filters and arrive in the inbox, because they seem completely realistic. It can be a sudden message of cooperation, and work. In that case, it is very important to check with email checker whether it is a spam or a scam.

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