How did Ros singleton die? wife of Ray Singleton, passed away at 39

Ros Singleton, the wife of Ray Singleton, who appeared on Ellen, shows passed away. She was 39 years at the time of her demise. 

Who is Ros Singleton?

Ros Singleton was a former navy officer. She was diagnosed with glioblastoma 2019, an aggressive type of brain cancer, after being diagnosed earlier in 2013. She passed away after a long battle at the age of 39 

What happened to Rose Singleton?

Ros Singleton passed away after battling cancer. Her husband announced the news of her death on Instagram. 

It was reported that Ros was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 when she visited a doctor after having headaches and impaired vision. She was later treated and cancer-free, but her cancer came back on October 10, 2019. She had to visit the doctor thrice a week and underwent MRIs and blood tests repeatedly. She even had to sleep with a device that monitored her seizures and unusual brain activity, but this time, after years of treatment, when passed away 

During all this time, she fell in love with Ray Singleton, who supported her while struggling with cancer. When Ray serenaded Ros online before her brain surgery, the video went viral, and the couple was invited to appear on Ellen Degenere’s show in 2020

Tributes have been pouring in for the cancer survivor whose story inspired many people. Many have expressed their deep sadness and condolences to her family. 

How did Ros Singleton die?

Ros Singleton was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 but was cured, but in 2019, it came back, and after battling for years, she passed away at the age of 39 

Cause of Ros Singleton’s death:

Ros Singleton passes away after battling with glioblastoma, rare cancer and an aggressive type of brain cancer. 

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