How did Roberto Maroni die? 67, died after a long life as an Italian politician

The right-wing Northern League party’s longtime leader Roberto Maroni passed away on Tuesday at the age of 67. RAI television reported that Maroni died early Monday morning from a long illness.

Maroni worked for the Northern League for many years. Salvini dropped the term “Northern” from the party name in an attempt to broaden its geographical appeal.

As a lawyer, Maroni served in Berlusconi’s first government of 1994-1995 as interior minister, his second government of 2001 as labor minister, and his third and last government of 2008-2011 as interior minister. A highly visible musician, he was an accomplished pianist in Varese, where he was a member of a band.

In a statement and at a press conference Tuesday, Meloni praised Maroni for his “good sense and concreteness” in serving the country.

Salvini praised Maroni’s contributions to the party and country during a speech Tuesday that praised the centrist wing of his party.

How did Roberto Maroni die?

Roberto Maroni, 67, a longtime leader of the right-wing Northern League party, passed away Tuesday.

RAI television reported that Maroni died early Monday morning.

Roberto Maroni Cause Of Death:

Roberto Maroni, the former interior minister, passed away on Tuesday. Currently, we do not have any information regarding Roberto Maroni’s cause of death.

Roberto Maroni Tribute:

Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister, says, The news of Roberto Maroni’s death deeply saddens me: a friend, a politician of intelligence and ability, a man who served his institutions with common sense and pragmatism. He expresses his condolences and closeness to the family during this difficult time.

Despite his high position and high sense of state, Maroni maintained a high sense of nationalism, and I pray for his family during this time of grief. Rest in peace,” Tajani wrote on Twitter.

“Guido Crosetto, the defense minister, wrote on Twitter: “I am grateful for the kindness, the concreteness, and the moderation he brought to the institutions.” His departure from life was a head-on one, as he was a parliamentarian, a minister, and a Region president. May the earth give you light, Roberto”, Crosetto said.

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