How did Robbie Coltrane die? What Happened to Robbie Coltrane

Everyone can run in the machine world till reaching their destiny. During the course, anything might happen to anyone. Death cannot be determined for anyone on this earth, whatever the living things can be. It is decided by God, the creator of all living things. Death breaks the power of the strongest heart by giving the hard feeling of losing loved ones. 

One heart-devastating news that is ruling social media is the death of Robert Coltrane. 

Who is Robbie Coltrane? 

Robbie Coltrane is the Scottish Actor; his real name was Anthony Robert McMillan; he played the role of Rubeus Hagrid in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Franchise. 

The Harry Potter Franchise is one of the best and most well-known movies that has created good fame among audiences. Robert Coltrane had also acted in a British Drama named Cracker and was seen in some James bond films. 

How did Robbie Coltrane die?

Unfortunately, due to his health issues, Robert Coltrane lost his life last Friday at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert. He had passed away surrounded by his friends and family members. 

Every die-hard fan of his is sending their tributes and prayers for his death. He died at the age of 72. It is heartbreaking news for every fan watching him and enjoying his acting.

What was his cause of death?

Any sources do not yet announce the exact cause of the death of Robbie Coltrane. The family members and friends are not in the state to explain the cause of the death and are looking after the funeral formalities. The news about his death is that he died in the hospital at 72. 

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