How did Lashunda Heath Ellison die? Lashunda Heath-Ellison: Wife Of a pastor shot dead in her sleep, Cause of Death

Lashunda Health Ellison, the wife of a Temple of Faith Ministries pastor, Mac Ellison, was shot on Wednesday, October 5. The wife passed away days later, on October 10.

What happened to Lashunda Heath Ellison?

Lashunda Heath’s husband, Mac Ellison, a pastor, stated that on October 5, while they were sleeping, a bullet was shot into their home, went through their headboard and finally hit her head. Mac further stated that he heard his wife breathing heavily but thought that she was snoring but soon realized something was wrong, So he called his kids and tried calling 911. When the kids rolled over so their mom could breathe easily, they found the back of the pillow full of blood.

She was then admitted to the hospital. The doctors examined her and found a bullet in her head. According to the X-ray, the bullet was close to her brain.

Later the family found the bullet hole in their wall. But the wife did not survive and succumbed to her injuries on October 10. She was 50 years at the time of her demise 

How did Lashunda Heath Ellison die?

Heath Ellison was shot dead in her sleep on October 5 and days later passed away on October 10. Her husband confirmed the news of her death on Facebook

The police are trying to find the source of the bullet. However, as of now, no clues have been found yet.

Lashunda Heath Ellison Cause of death:

Heath Ellison, the wife of the pastor Mac Ellison, died on October 10 after being shot in the head. The bullet hit her head and was close enough to her brain. She succumbed to her injuries on October 10. No memorial service for Heath Ellison has been announced yet.

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