How did Koray Alpergin die? Koray Alpergin’s cause of death

Nowadays, the death rate is high. New diseases intervention, road accidents, natural disasters, murders due to vengence, unpredictable situations, natural death, etc., are the causes of the increased death rate in the country. People are taking the right of God to take lives from the earth by attacking or killing them by doing an inhumane action. How can a man kill another man? Many murder news and people showing Vengence are ruling the feeds of social media nowadays. 

One such cruel news is about the death of Koray Alpergin.

Who is Koray Alpergin?

The owner of Bizim FM, a very popular DJ, is Koray Alpergin. He is well known for his shows, and he attracted a lot of fans with his FM by making good participation and funny shows. He was running the Bizim FM. 

Koray Alpergin’s cause of death:

According to the sources, the famous DJ, Koray Alpergin, had been found dead in the woodland in Essex. The real cause of his death is unknown since the police are investigating this case. According to the reports, his radio colleague had told him that Koray Alpergin and a girl had been missing for some days. But it had given them a shock that the DJ had been found dead, and the girl with him was physically unharmed.

What happened to Koray Alpergin?

Koray Alpergin was found missing for some days, but according to recent reports, the police had found a dead body near Loughton, in Essex. And the police had said that three members had been arrested since they found some connections with the death of Koray Alpergin. So the three members are under police custody. The investigation is going on, and hopefully, the exact cause of the death of Koray Alpergin will come to light soon. 

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