How did Heinz Winkler die? German chef Heinz Winkler passed away at the age of 73

The celebrity chef Heinz Winkler who received a three Michelin star when he was 32, passed away on October 29. He was 73 years old at the time of his death.

Who is Heinz Winkler?

Born in July 1949, Heinz  Winkler was the youngest to receive three Michelin stars when he was 32. He was also the first Italian to receive three Michelin stars. He began training in his career at the young  age of 14 

In 1991 he opened up a two-star Residence, Heinz Winkler. In 2001 Heinz was awarded the federal cross of merit. 

What happened to Heinz Winkler?

According to the sources, Heinz Winkler’s first wife’s friend urged him to drink excessively. Later Heinz collapsed with blood on his shirt. The incident took place outside his restaurant in Aschau im Chiemgau.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital. Some stated that he passed out due to a heart attack. He then underwent multiple organ failure and was medically induced into a coma. But all the efforts couldn’t save him, and Heinz passed away. 

Many call this incident mysterious since he suddenly collapsed in front of his restaurant. Some sources stated that he was planning to retire with his 26-year-old girlfriend, Alicia Maas. 

How did Heinz Winkler die?

According to the manager, Heinz passed out after suffering multiple organ failures. The news of his death was announced publicly through a Facebook post. But according to the manager, Heinz passed away due to a heart attack. 

Cause of Heinz death:

Heinz passed away after collapsing. Some stated that he passed away after suffering multiple organ failure. Some stated that he suffered a heart attack that led to the collapse. He died on October 29 at the age of 73 

Tributes towards the celebrity chefs:

The passing of Heinz has saddened many people. Many tributes have been pouring in co vehicles g, their deep sadness and condolences to the family.

The director of tourist information planted a rose in Aschau and named it after Heinz in his memory. 

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