How did Harrison Jameson die? A tragic accident claims the life of an Irish boxer.

Harrison James was killed in a car accident on October 18th. The incident took place at Dublin road, Cloghoge. 

What happened to Harrison Jameson?

On October 18th, it was reported that Harrison was driving his silver Ford Focus on Dublin road and crashed. 

The police had only arrived at the scene the next morning. According to the police, Harrison must have come off the road while driving and crashed. The accident took place between 9:30 PM and 11:30 PM. The exact cause of the accident is yet to be investigated. 

The authorities have requested the public who witnessed the accident to come forward and help the police in this investigation.

Meanwhile, tributes have been pouring in, expressing their deep sadness over the tragedy and have conveyed their condolences to Harrison’s friends and family

The Virginia boxing club has also expressed their sadness and also added that Harrison was the credit to their club and will not be forgotten and always be missed 

Who is Harrison Jameson?

Harrison Jameson is a 23-year-old Irish boxer part of the Virginia boxing club. According to the sources, he was supposed to play the next month.

How did Harrison Jameson die?

According to the police Harrison, who was driving on Tuesday, must have driven off the road in an accident. The accident took place on Dublin road. However, the incident is still under investigation. 

Cause of Harrison Jameson’s death:

Harrison passed away in a car crash on October 18th. According to the police, his car must have driven off the road and crashed. As of now, no announcement has been made regarding the funeral arrangement of Harrison Jameson, who passed away on October 18th at 23.

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