How did Hannah Pick Goslar die? A friend of Anne Frank, Hannah Pick Goslar, passed away at the age of 93

Hannah Pick Goslar, who was close friends with Anne Frank, passed away on October 28th at 93, at her home in Jerusalem. 

Who is Hannah Pick Goslar?

Born on November 12th 1928, in Berlin, Hannah Pick Goslar was a holocaust survivor and was popularly known as a close friend of Anne Frank. She was mentioned in Anne’s diary, whose millions of copies were sold around the world.

Hannah and Anne became friends during kindergarten. Pick remembers her last meeting with Anne. During the holocaust, Hannah and Anne got separated. When she came by the barbed wire, which divided the camps, to ask about Anne, Anne came by looking weak and saying that she hadn’t eaten. 

So Hannah puts some scraps of bread in socks and throws it over the fence, but it is stolen by someone else. But later she brought a package. That was the last time she met Anne. And soon Anne passed away.

Hannah later became a pediatric nurse, married Walter in 1950 and married her second husband, Daniel. She was blessed with three children-Chagi, Ruth and Yochanan.

On October 28th, at the age of 93, Hannah passed away. She was survived by kids, 11 grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. 

How did Hannah Pick Goslar die?

Hannah Pick Gosler passed away at the age of 93. The news of her death was announced by her son Chagi. However, they did not disclose the nature of her death.

Cause of Hannah Pick Goslers death:

The cause of Hannah Pick Gosler is not known. Her son disclosed the news of her death but did not reveal the maturity of her death. She died at her home in Jerusalem.

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