How did Grace Glueck die? New York Times  Art journalist Grace Glueck passes away at 96

Grace Glueck passed away at the age of 96 last Saturday. Her family members confirmed the news of her death. She was 96 at the time of her demise.

Who is  Grace Glueck?

Born on July 24, 1926, in New York City and raised in Rockville Center, Grace Glueck was an American journalist working for The New York Times. She had a  keen interest in journalism at a young age. As a student, she worked as an editor for her school’s magazine.

Before she became a well-renowned journalist, she first worked as a copygirl for The New York Times in 1951. Later she worked as a picture researcher at The New York Review of books. During that time, her column called the Art column attracted the editors and the New York times and gave her a position as art reporter. 

During her time as a journalist, she wrote a paper, Odense discrimination, after learning that women in times were not promoted to higher positions. This led to a lawsuit against the paper, but the lawsuit was settled, leading to Times hiring more women.

Overall she has written more than three thousand articles and interviewed hundreds of artists. She married  Milt Freudenheim in 2000.However, they did not have kids of their own.

How did Grace Glueck die?

Her family announced the news of her death. The Journalist took her last breath on October 8, 2022, at 96. However, the reason behind her death was not disclosed

Grace Glueck Cause of death:

The cause of her death is disclosed to the public. The late Journalist passed away at her home in Manhattan. She was 96 at the time of her demise.

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