How did comedian Sinkala Brighton die? Zambia comedian Sinkala Brighton dies in a car crash

Sinkala Brighton passed away in a car accident on October 9th. The news was announced publicly by Zambezi juice through their official Facebook page. He was 53 at the time of his demise.

Who is Sinkala Brighton?

Popularly known as Bighead, Sinkala Brighton was a 53-year-old representative of the Ministry of Health known for his comic acts.

What happened to Sinkala Brighton?

It was reported that the comedian was driving his Mercedes Benz when he crashed into a stationary car that was broken down and then collided with the bus that was traveling in the opposite direction. The incident took place at Great Cross Road. 

He was later rushed to Kabwe hospital Central where he passed away. 

What caused the accident?

The incident shocked his fans and made them wonder how this fatal accident occurred. According to the reports, the late comedian was riding his car on one side while a bus carrying 45 passengers was on the opposite side. The comedian was riding at full speed and crashed into the truck that broke in the middle of the road and then collided with the bus. Luckily the bus passengers made it out safely, but unfortunately, the comedian didn’t. The drivers had minor injuries.

According to his family, the comedian was trying to overtake the bus coming in the other direction but trying to get back in his lane, his car collided with a truck.

Sinkala Brighton Obituary: 

The comedian Sinkala passed away in a car accident after crashing a stationary car and colliding with a bus. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries. 

The funeral of a Zambia comedian who passed away in a car crash will be held at Lusaka after postpartum in Kabwe Central hospital.

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