How did Al Ries die? American marketing professional and author Al Ries passed away at 95.

The co-founder of Ries & Ries, Al Ries, passed away at age 95 on October 7, 2022. His family publicly announced the news of his death on October 12.

Who is Al Ries?

Al Ries is the co-founder of Ries & Ries, an Atlanta-based consulting firm. Born on November 14, 1926, Al Ries hailed from Indianapolis. He graduated from DePauw University as a mathematics major before working with the advertising department of General Electric. Later he founded his own advertising company in New York City.

He was not only a marketing professional but also wrote books on marketing. Ries and Jack coined the term positioning, which is related to the field of marketing. They also wrote a book called Positioning. The battle for your minds and a three-part series of an article announcing the arrival of the Positioning Era. Ries also has written books by himself that have been featured in Business Week bestsellers.

In 1994 Reis and his daughter, Laura, founded Ries & Ries, a consulting firm in Atlanta. In 1999, PR Week selected Ries as one of the most influential people in the field of public relations in the 20th Century.

What happened to Al Ries?

Ries, who coined the time Positioning along with Jack Trout, passed away at the age of 95on October 7, 2022.

Al is married to his wife Mary Lou Ries and was blessed with four children- Charles Reis, Dorothy Reis Faison, Barbara Tienand Laura Reis.

Al Ries Cause of death:

His family publicly announced the news of Al Ries’s death on October 12, 2022. The co-founder of Ries & Ries passed away on October 7 at the age of 95. However, the cause of his death is not disclosed to the public. 

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