How did Al Brooks die? Ophthalmologist turned trader Al Brooks Death at the age of 70

Al Brooks, the author of one of the best trading sellers, passed away at 70. The Museum of British Surfing announced the news of his demise

Who is Al Brooks?

Al Brooks is an ophthalmologist but popularly known as a professional Trader. He graduated from the University of Chicago with his MD degree and practiced as an ophthalmologist for over 30 years. He has published 30 scientific papers as a physician. Apart from this, he also taught at Emory University and Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital.

He later became a trader and a technical analyst, teaching four continents how to trade.

Ophthalmologist with a knack for trading

Al Brooks was a great physician and a well-known professional Trader. He was the author of the best-selling trading book Reading prices chart bar by bar.

To spread his knowledge and to educate people on trading, he created videos on his YouTube channel called Brooks Trading course. In addition, he has given lectures at MoneyShow and TradersExpo.

He also worked as a technical analyst for Future magazine.

How did Al Brooks die?

Ophthalmologist turned trader passed away at the age of 70. However, the reason behind Brooks death hasn’t been disclosed to the public. According to the reports, he did not suffer from any illness or disease.
The Museum of British Surfing confirmed the news of his death through its official Facebook page.

Cause of Al Brooks death

As for now, there are no reports on how Al Brooke passed away.

Al Brooks: Obituary

There’s no news regarding the memory service of the trader Brooks who passed away recently. However, many of his fans and followers are paying tribute to the late ophthalmologist through social media.

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