Honeymoon Season 1 Review, Wiki, Reaction, OTT Release Date

Review honeymoon season 1; know what you will see on the honeymoon

Honeymoon Season 1 Review – An arranged marriage was done between Tejaswini and Praveen. In Kerala, they were on their honeymoon. At consummating their relationship where they look. They land upon some misadventures through this ordeal, towards life differently at the relationship that makes them and their outlook.

Honeymoon Web Series Review, Reaction

A web series, Honeymoon, is a series that has been ready for a while, and finally, people can see its premiere. For it’s backed by the shivarajkumar’s daughter Nivedita this is also special. An adult is making her foray into showbiz. An unconventional couple, this story talks about the honeymoon, which was ongoing. The storytelling was a simple style. Some of the complex issues highlighted that people after marriage commonly encounter. 

It was conveyed in an effective way for the makers the biggest win. With an awkward post-wedding, this story was sequenced in which the bride and groom’s names are Tejaswini and Praveen. On their married life in which it was all set to embark. Their uncomfortable first-night sequence is in the bride’s home as misadventures in Kerala on their honeymoon. A lot of the couple has known about each other. The older Indian film, which was produced in the 2000s, was narrative style similar to the Hyderabad Blues, in the films in its own pace which the drama plays out and are more real in the film situations than being filmi or over-the-top.

Honeymoon Web Series Wiki, Star Cast

 In the series, the casting works very best. Both Nagabhushan and Sanjana Anand and Bill perfectly fit in the top form. The character is commendable in their simplistic portrayal. Some of the interesting cameos this series is having too. Does ever speak the wedding photographer Vasuki Vaibhav as overly-enthusiastic as was Pawan Kumar, the filmmaker cameo of $ex guru cameo? This will be an interesting twist in the series. The character and the performance of the Apoorva Bharadwaj are a special mention it also deserves. 

In this series, you will see the music is non-intrusive, and it will add laughs for the people. You will see the songs of Aagutha Aagutha, especially when the couple tries to consummate their relationship, that will play that song every time. In this, the narrative visuals are also complemented. Some of the pertinent points on relationships it does have on the honeymoon and some of the adjustments, which in the series, will be told in a non-preachy style. This will be worth watching, and people hope to see more of Praveen and Tejaswini and their misadventures in the series, like little things you will see in the other relationship dramas.

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