Here is why not many CBSE students are opting for Basic Mathematics

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While CBSE has introduced an easier exam pattern for Math, parents are coercing children to struggle with the standard format

CBSE’s decision to have two question paper formats for Math in class X board in 2020 had come as a welcome change. But students and parents are still in two minds.

The board had rolled out Mathematics-Basic and Mathematics-Standard for the students taking boards exams to make the assessment more learner-centric. However, most schools claim to see resistance from parents, who consider it an ‘inferior’ choice to make. The new question paper format will cater to students who are not strong in Math or do not wish to study the subject in higher classes.

While educationists called it a boon to address math phobia in students, parental pressure is hard to deal with, they say. “Most parents coerce children to take up science, so as to pursue engineering or medicine. Even students who lack an aptitude for Mathematics are forced to study the subject. The rollout is a good move for such students but, parents consider it as an inferior choice despite knowing the potential of their child,” says Amita Arora, a Mathematics teacher from Aravali International School, Faridabad, where 70 of the 220 students will appear for the basic question paper.

In Indirapuram Public School, as many as 25 out of 100 students have opted for the Basic Mathematics. Renu Sharma, principal of the school, says this section comprises of students who do not have an aptitude for Mathematics or those who despite performing well in the subject aims to pursue higher degree in humanities or liberal arts.

Priyanka Barara, principal, Delhi International School, where only 5 out of 30 students have opted for the easy paper, seconded Sharma saying, “We started counselling parents as soon as the provision was announced. It was hard to convince them to look beyond Science and Math.”

The board has also provided flexibility to the students to appear for the Standard Mathematics paper later in July 2020 after appearing for the basic exam in March if they want to pursue the subject in higher classes, she adds. The academicians also pointed out that choosing Basic Mathematics will make sure that the students have a higher aggregate in the board examinations.

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