Top 15 Hacking Apps For Android In 2020 [Download Here]


If you are curious about hacking? here you learn all about hacking apps and hacking concepts for Android and IOS to check your privacy policy and security of your network and also check who is stealing your WiFi.

Hacking Apps For Android: The word hacking  is the most popular brand that used most in android devices, so different developers ,app devloper ,ethical hacker can  create useful hacking apps for For Rooted & Non-Rooted Android devices.

In this article, you can learn about all the Hacking apps that you could download in your mobile phones mostly in Android phones.

Top 15 Hacking Apps For Android In 2020

Here you can find a list of Hacking Apps for Android in the below and its description, and I also provide some direct links to download easily apps for hacking in your smartphones. you can easily download all these apps from google play store as well.

Here  we provide all the list below in this page ,Kindly check Top 15 Hacking apps for androids in 2020.

  1. AndroRAT
  2. cSploit
  3. DroidSheep
  4. Hackode
  5. Kali NetHunter
  6. Network Mapper
  7. NetX Network Tools Pro
  8. Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro
  9. WiFiKiLL Pro
  10. zAnti
  11. Nmap
  12. WIBR+ PRO
  13. Apk Editor
  14. Lucky Patcher
  15. WP-Scan


AndroRAT is a client-server app that stands for Android Remote Administrative Tools (RAT) and the ability to manage Android devices Remotely. in this type of apps, you can see contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, and other information.


AndroRAT runs in the background once you installed this application and your use doesn’t need to interact with the app service.

The features of AndroRAT are collecting private information and you can see contacts, call logs, SMS, recent calls, etc.

Download AndroRAT


cSploit is one of the most popular android hacking apps in the year of 2020.cSploit is a client-server app that can do a bunch of stuff.

cSploit has major drawbacks, in this, you need a rooted device to use this app on your phone.

Download cSploit 



The third most popular and best  hacking Android apps in  2020 is Hackode. Hackode can do a bunch of stuff and have a collection of tools for ethical hackers, IT, and testers and the ability to manage Android devices Remotely. . 


With the help of Hackode hacking Android apps provide MX Records, DNS dif, and have some functionalities like Google can download this app in a google play store.

Download Hackode


DroidSheep can do a hijack web session profiles over a network and all the websites. in this, you can intercept all kinds of Internet, social media browsing activity and can do a bunch of stuff and collection of multiple tools.

Download DroidSheep


DroidBox is a hacking app provide dynamic analysis for all the android application, with the help of DroidBox you can get a wide range of results and also you can check behaviour of users.

Download DroidBox 


Nmap is used to scan the network and its very popular scanning apps for desktop and also can scan the Android operating system. Nmap is used for both android and IOS as well.

Download Nmap


The most usefull tools and a hacking app to connect your android phone to the pc ,and you can give commands and also edit files with the SSH Droid.

It also provides extra security services and remote machines.

Download SSHDroid

8.Kali NetHunter

You can download Kali NetHunter app on google play store for all the android devices and its free of cost, the app has a bunch of functions like, including wireless injection and AP mode.once you installed this app, its automatically run.

It may be not working on some devices but the Nexus 5 device is good for this app.

Download Kali NetHunter

9.Network Mapper

Network Mapper is one of the best hacking apps for android which helps you to scan networks, service, discovery over a network.

Network Mapper also available on google play store, and its also used for finding vulnerabilities and also helps you to find misconfiguration of servers.

You can use these apps without the root of your device, this app is used for non-rooted android phone.

Download Network Mapper


Zanti is similar to Droid Sheep, but Zanti has more tools as compare to Droid Sheep, with the help of this you can crack some passwords and easily steal your neighbor wifi.

The best thing about the Zanti app is simple and very user friendly, so you can use this app easily without having an issue.

Download Zanti app


This app is used for WordPress scanner, this application is used only for WordPress.

WP-Scan finds only vulnerabilities. this is an amazing tool to find  WordPress vulnerabilities.

Download WP-Scan

12.WiFi Kill

So let’s just talk in a simple language suppose if you are having a wife and many user connected to your wife network its result slow net speed ,so WiFi Kill used to kill other user and eliminate them.

WiFi Kill helps you to eliminate other device who are connected to your network.

This app is only for rooted device.

Download WiFi Kill 


This app is used to steal neighbour wife network ,suppose a network having a WPA/wpa2psk WiFi network so you just simply connected to this with PIN to PIN method and you can simply hack that wifi password.

Download WIBR+ PRO

14 Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an hacking available on google ply store , Basically this app used to modilfy android application in your device and remove e in-app purchases, remove license verification, mods.

Download Lucky Patcher 

15.Apk Editor

As the name shown Apk Editor is used to edit the app that available in your android device and best hacking app for your device .

Download Apk Editor

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