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Goa: Over 600 scholars currently pursuing doctoral research


PANAJI: Over 600 Goa University students are at various stages of working on their PhD thesis, data put out by the varsity indicates. Topics taken up for study range from mangroves and Brazil’s foreign policy, to MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and banks’ lending in Goa, GU has said. These studies have been undertaken in a range of fields. Quite a few of the research topics focus on regional issues.

“Some of the themes being recently taken up for study include the Carmelites in Goa in the 17th-18th centuries; catchment sediment composition of some rivers in Goa; customer satisfaction towards postal services in Goa; tourism land management and livelihood dynamics in coastal Goa; and the Dhangars of Goa,” GU has said.

Likewise, other researchers are looking at insurance companies; green tourism; eco-farms in tourism; educated unemployment in Goa; the Sahyadri Khanda; Western Ghats fungi in Goa; salt-stressed rice plants; and smart tourism, among many other topics. The economic impact of cancer; the government budget on the social sector in Goa; perceptions on e-filing of income tax; agri-ecopreneurs in Goa; mutual funds in Goa; ferry transport in the state; and the people’s movements to protect their land in Goa.

Some other local topics touched on include public distribution system, smartphones in online shopping, tax planning, the CM’s Rojgar Yojana, Ayurvedic products, handicrafts in Goa, home-stays, traditional occupations, and a range of other fields. Meanwhile, the admissions for the GU PhD programme of January 2020 is underway.

Online applications are being accepted from January 6 to January 24, 2020. Interviews will be conducted in February, and the results of the admission process declared by Feb 14.

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