George Janky Cause Of Death? UD Hall of Farmer dies at the age of 74

Death is the destiny of life. Whatever good things we do and uplift society with all our services, one day, we have to face death. No one can escape from death. It is the cycle of the earth- birth and death. But losing the talented one and such a sociable person from the earth is a significant loss for the parents, family, friends, society, and country. 

One such heartbreaking news is about the death of George Janky,  who passed away at 74. 

Who is George Janky?

The University of Dayton, Hall of Famer, and one of the best flyers is George Janky. He had started his career at St. Rita High School in Chicago some years ago. Following this, when he got a scholarship by winning the NIT Championship, he moved to the University of Dayton and was also a team member. 

An efficient basketball player who had won 82 games for the players with a good average points scoring. In the year 1993, he was included in the crew of the UD Hall of Fame.

George Janky’s cause of death:

It is unfortunate that such a best man has lost his life. He had died, leaving all his friends and family members all alone. The whole family and the friends are in despair. No one of them is in the state of mind to explain what had happened to him and the cause of George Janky’s death. No sources had explained the cause of the death of George Janky. 

How did George Janky die?

George Janky died at the age of 74. Such an efficient and best player died suddenly, and the exact cause of their death is still unknown. 

The University of Dayton has announced the death of George Janky by saying, ” The University of Dayton mourns the passing of George Janky, whose career bridged the Fieldhouse and Arena eras. He was a Hall of Famer on the court and an even better Flier off it. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family.”

May his soul rest in peace! 

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