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The Murder of Frank Mccutcheon

In July 2016, the confidential community of Tree Top Drive in the Country of Buncombe, North Carolina, was the mainstay by the assassination of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon. During the duration of calling 911 by Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon’s wife, Brenda, the famous doctor was found killed in his house. But according to the officials who dug deeper, it implies all the fingers are pointing the so-called name called toward Brenda. So now we take a deeper look in this case at what happens to Brenda after getting the documents in which the cause of Buddy’s death is revealed.

How did Frank Mccutcheon depart this life?

Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was intimated in place of Little Rock, located in Arkansas, and acquired his medical degree through the University of Arkansas. After completing his graduation in 1978, Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon finalized his internships in two localities. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was also a cosmetic surgeon in Asheville, North Carolina, and survived with his wife, Brenda. 


Well, Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was not only a cosmetic surgeon but also interested in playing multiple instruments as he was also a great musician. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was 64 years old. In addition, he was very attached to his family and was concerned about the Civil War and the history of America. 

Frank Mccutcheon Dead

How and by whom Buddy was killed off?

At 3:30 a.mBenda, i.eFrank “Buddy” McCutcheon’s wife, was listening to a blasting bang in the basement of her house in Buncombe County and went to look into it. At that instant, Buddy took a nap on his sofa in the living room, whereas Brenda took a nap in her bedroom above. When she found her husband blasted in the head immediately, she dialed 911. Within a minute, an ambulance approached and found Buddy resting in peace. 

The armament through which Buddy was killed off was lying in the rows of ivy in the Yard. So this is all behind the scene of his death; after all, now the question arises: who killed Buddy?

After dialing 911 by Brenda, she said that the door on the backside was opened as Buddy wasn’t shut off. She confidently informed that the prowler stepped in and blasted over Buddy’s head. But still, there is no official well-proven evidence regarding the murder of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon.

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