Flora Gasser cause of death? A Veteran Filipino actress passed away at the age of 89

Life is unpredictable. It can give both surprises and miracles, happiness as well as darkness. It is very shocking and depressing to hear the news of the death of a very talented and passionate person leaving the earth in despair. Even some people will always be remembered for their unique talents and achievements after death.

Who is Flora Gasser?

Flora Gasser is a Veteran Filipino actress. She is a popular and familiar actress known for her best work in Batang Z. Her other works and films include Annie Batungbakal and Kumander Bawang. While working in films, she also made an appearance in television series. She gave her last appearance on television in 2020 in the show Nene. 

Flora Gasser’s cause of death:

It is very unfortunate that the great actress Flora Gasser passed away at 89. Her granddaughter confirmed this news on social media. She had died peacefully in her home in front of her family members. The cause of death is not explained in any sources received so far. It might be due to age factors or any other natural causes. 

How did Flora Gasser die?

Flora Gasser, the granddaughter, shared her grandmother’s death in a Facebook post on 20 November 2022. She had made the news to the public, saying that she had died peacefully in her home. And also, every formality and funeral had been planned accordingly. 

The funeral service will occur at St. Peter’s Chapel, Commonwealth, Quezon City. Also, the memorial service took place from 20 November to 22 November 22. Sending strength and prayers to her family and friends.

May her soul rest in peace! 

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