Fixing Zoom Fatigue With an Online Whiteboard Tool

After more than two years of working from home, we can all agree that we’re tired of Zoom, Meets, or any other video conferencing tools. The lovingly dubbed “Zoom Fatigue”, has been recognized and researched by Stanford researchers, who found four key reasons why you might be feeling this way:

  • Close-up eye contact is highly intense,
  • Seeing yourself constantly in real-time is tiring,
  • Video chats limit your usual mobility, and
  • Your brain works harder in order to pick up nonverbal cues.

With all of this in mind, you need to think of creative ways to help your team get over Zoom fatigue. The best way to do it is to limit your meetings. Also, you shouldn’t require people to turn on their cameras each time you’re talking. 

However, we understand that meetings (especially in remote teams) are necessary, and you can definitely make them more interesting by using an online whiteboard tool. So, let’s see how this tool can help you and your employees get over the Zoom fatigue.

When Should You Use an Online Whiteboard Tool?

Since an online whiteboard is the same thing as a regular whiteboard, just moved to a virtual setting, you should try and use it whenever you would use a whiteboard in the conference room. So, any collaborative meetings, like brainstorming sessions, workshops, training sessions, or the usual problem-solving.

Brainstorming Sessions

Video calls aren’t necessary when you’re holding a brainstorming session. What’s more important is for your team to have a space where they can share ideas. With a virtual whiteboard, your workers will have access to plenty of features – like adding visuals, text, drawing, attaching files and so on, in real-time. 

Many online whiteboard solutions come with pre-made templates you can use, or you can create a board that suits your company the best.

Workshops and Training

While video conferencing tools proved to be an invaluable asset for online classes and workshops, these meetings seem to cause Zoom fatigue most of the time. Video conferencing apps are limited when it comes to participants’ engagement, so it’s best you incorporate a virtual whiteboard.

When you’re using a whiteboard during workshops, you can make sure your team stays engaged by adding different interactive sections, or by switching up moderators or even creating breakout rooms.

Project Planning Sessions

Planning a project while using an online whiteboard has plenty of benefits. For one, everyone on your team can participate and add different elements to the board. It’s a great way to make sure nothing gets overlooked or skipped.

Once you create a project plan, you can create smaller tasks for each team member. You can even integrate your solution into the project management tool you’re using to make things easier.

Wrapping Up

Zoom fatigue is real, and chances are that everyone on your team has experienced it in the past two years. But, if you really care about your employees and want them to enjoy their work – you should implement an online whiteboard tool and take some things from the tips we shared. It will make your employees happier, and your usual meetings will become more enjoyable for everyone.