The finalist for Big Boss season 4 has been announced, while the first three seasons were conducted in 2018. The show is on trend; so many people are watching, and there are so many fans of Big Boss season 4. The show’s fourth season began on October 2, 2022.

All about the finalist of The Bigg Boss season 4:

  • Apurva Nemlekar: 

She is a famous Marathi actress, and she has worked in the language. She is a contestant in “Big Brother” season 4.

  • Kiran Mane is a famous Marathi actor:

He is an argumentative contestant in Bigg Boss Season 4. He was once rejected from the Mulgi Jhali Ho for writing social media posts related to polio.

  • Yogesh Jadhav: 

He is a famous athlete, and he was born and brought up in Akluj. He is interested in wrestling. He is training at the Dargin Gym in Pune.

  • Sumruddhi Jadhav: 

She is a social media celebrity who loves entertaining the audience with reels and funny videos.

  • Prasad Jawade: 

Known for acting in movies and serials, he was introduced in the television serial EK Mahanayak, DRM. B. R. Ambedkar. He belongs to Pune.

  • Rohit Shinde: 

He is a doctor and was born in July. He is a member of the Big Boss 4 team and a contestant. This is the first time that both couples are on the same show.

  • Amruta Dhongade 

Amruta Dhongade is a famous Indian actress who works in the Marathi film and television industries. She has performed in many Marathi films and television serials. She is a contestant in “Bigg Boss” season 4.

  • Megha Ghadge 

Megha Ghadge is a famous actress in Marathi films. She was born in March. She started her career in 2004. She is known for many famous Marathi songs.

  • Yashasvi Masurkar: 

Yashasro Mazurka is a famous dubbing artist and actress. She was recently a contestant on Colors Marathi’s Bigg Boss Marathi reality show.

  • Ruchira Jadhav 

Ruchira Jadhav is an Indian actress with lots of humor, and she blossomed in Mumbai with her skills. She belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra. She completed her STDE at Parag Vidyalaya Bahanduo West in Mumbai.

  • Amruta Deshmukh

Amruta Deshmukh is a famous Indian actress and radio jockey who works mainly in the Marathi movie industry. She was the radio host for 98.3 Mirchi Pune for a few years.

  • Akshay Kelkar: 

Akshay Kelkar has worked mainly as a television actor. He belongs to Thane in Mumbai.

  • Vikas Sawant: 

He is different from all the other ones as he is a dancer and an actor who belongs to Maharashtra. He was once denied for the movie character, and he started his career in dance.

  • Nikhil Raj Shirke

The actor from the Martahi movie and a TV actor, is a contestant in The Big Boss season 4.

  • Tejaswini Lonari 

Tejaswini Lonari is known for Marathi movies. Shenise Johnson is an Indian actress who was born in Nashik, Maharashtra.

  1. Trishul Marathe: 

He started his career as a model. He wanted to be an actor as a kid, and now he is a model.


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