Father of modern election science David Butler dies at the age of 98, Cause of death

Known for his Swingometer, David Butler passed away on November 8. He was 98 at the time of his demise 

Who is David Butler?

David Butler was an English political scientist from London, England. He studied economics, politics and philosophy at New College, Oxford. At 25, he was the in-house analyst for a channel’s TV election results programme. 

He was known for developing the concept of swing, a shift in the percentage of votes during an election between two parties. In 1955, he introduced the swingometer, which became a medium for election coverage worldwide. Hence he was known as the father of modern election science. 

Throughout his career, he has received many honors and achievements. He was appointed as CBE in the 1991s Queen’s birthdays honors list, and in 1994, he was elected as the Fellow of the British Academy. He was knighted for his service in the 2011 New Year’s honors list. 

David was married to Marlyn Butler and was blessed with three kids. His wife passed away in 2014. Sadly the scientist took his last breath on November 8 at the age of 98. He was survived by his ons David and Ed, and his seven grandchildren 

What happened to David Butler?

It was reported that David Butler passed away after suffering renal failure on November 8

Many remember his works and service and have a tribute to the late scientists and convey their deep sadness and condolences to his family. 

How did David Butler die?

David Butler died after suffering renal failure on November 8. At 98, David Butler passed away due to renal failure. 

David Butler Obituary:

The funeral service of David Butler is not announced yet. The late scientist passed away on November 8 at the age of 98.

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