Estelle Mendoza: Water bills sent to 98-year-olds showing one million cups of tea consumed in six months

A 98 year bedridden patient was charged with using 225 million liters of water, enough to fill 90 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Imagine getting a water bill that says that you have used 225 million liters of water in just six months. That’s what happened to 98-year-old Estelle Mendoza.

Bedridden mistakenly charged with using 90 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water: 

Estelle Mendoza is a 98-year-old dementia patient bedridden. Thames Water, a British water supplier, sent her a water bill of around £215. It was reported that the amount of water she used was enough to drink 1 million tea in 6 months.

Her 68-year-old son Lawrence Mendoza stated that the bill was initially £33 but increased to £215. According to him, a leak in the house triggered the smart meter reading to increase.

A spokesperson of Thames has apologized on behalf of Mendoza and stated that customer service is their number 1 priority, but they failed to do so. They will soon investigate the matter and repair the leak, if possible; once it has been fixed, we will send a revised bill.

As per this situation, no comments have been given by the Thames to the media.

What was Estelle Mendoza offense?

The 98-year-old bedridden woman was mistakenly charged a water bill of £215 by the British water supplier Thames Water. The water charge was enough to fill 90 Olympic swimming pool sizes. 

Her son stated that the bill was initially about £33, but it increased to £215. He further says that the treatment towards his mother is appalling and that if he wanted a present, Thames would have continued to charge his mother with such a monthly water bill.

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