The truth behind the mystery of Eric Rohan Justin

Ava Majury’s worth nightmare came true in the form of Eric Rohan Justin. Social media and the fast-moving world of technology in our times are very enticing. Whatever we want, whenever we want it can be traced and be obtained by us at the touch of a finger from our mobiles and internet. But in a world like this where things are so convenient, also comes a threat of privacy and breach of security with all of our information being available offline. Such was the case with the horrible incident that took place in the life of TikTok superstar Ava Majury. Her fame became the very reason why her life was in danger. 

Who is Eric Rohan Justin and what did he do?

Ava was having a good run in the pandemic with her account on the site. She noticed there that one of her users was constantly texting her for pictures and trying to get her to notice him. That user was Eric Rohan Justin. Eric became obsessed with Ava and began to constantly pester her for her number. He also troubled all her friends for her contact information. Ava also sold him her pictures after asking for $300 which he paid for. After that Ava ghosted Justin for a while but he did not understand that she was trying to get him to stop bothering her. Eric did not appreciate this behavior and he reportedly showed up at Ava’s house on July, 10th 2021. He had a shotgun with him and was intent on murdering Ava for breaking his heart. Ava’s father, Rob Majury, a retired police lieutenant, asked Eric to drop his gun. When Eric pointed the shotgun at him, he said he was forced to shoot him. Eric Rohan Justin died shortly after from gunshot wounds. 


Rob says he did what he had to do to protect his family. Ava on the other hand is still on the popular social media site. Her parents justify it as that she is earning thousands of dollars and is getting a lot of fame from her account and taking it away would have been hard.

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