Emma Walker Death or Murder: How did she die? Cause of Death

The cops arrived at the place where everything happened as soon as Jill Walker, the character, saw her child sleeping in the bedroom. The evidence very quickly changed the first assumption of death to murder. The Investigation Discovery film “Death of a Cheerleader” details how Emma Walker’s tumultuous relationship ended abruptly.Β 

Who is Emma Walker?

Emma Walker was created in Knoxville in March of 2000, and she, along with her parents, lived nearby. This 16-year-old was described as a cheerful, friendly person with a beautiful grin. Emma competed in the cheerleading team at Central High in Knoxville when she studied. She loved dogs and desired to work with them as babies when she was bigger. Emma seemed to have a bright future before her.

How Did Emma Walker Die?

At six in the morning on November 21, 2016, Emma’s mom Jill went to prep her child for class. She received no reply, though. The terrified mother called 911 when Jill discovered she could not feel her pulse. Emma had been in her bed when the cops came. After a serious examination of the area, two bullet holes were found inside the room. Emma’s walker has wounded above her left ear and a bullet hole in the cushion. Investigators found 9mm round shells outside the house, and at approximately 2:30 AM, a neighbor claimed to have overheard gunshots.

Who Killed Emma Walker?

When the police interrogated Emma’s family members, one surname repeatedly appeared. There was William Riley Gaul. While Emma was a sophomore in 2014, she started dating Riley, a senior wideout again for the school football team. When acquaintances noticed they often fought, their relationship quickly began to shift. They split up several times before coming back together. Furthermore, Riley was characterized as being demanding and controlling by those who knew this pair.

According to Jill, Riley reportedly attempted to regulate whatever Emma Walker could have and couldn’t dress. On other occasions, he sat in front of Emma’s executive office for several hours. Riley allegedly sent Emma hateful messages as well, placed at a single point predicting that he’d see her named in the obituary, according to friends.

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