Who is Elizabeth Knighton? And what has happened to her?

King Cajun Crawfish films at Mills 50 restaurant After being denied a refund, an Orlando woman goes on a racial diatribe.

There is a news public regarding a woman called Elizabeth Knighton. She is an owner of a small business called “bodi beauty bar.” The women went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered food which was crabs and fried shrimp. She enjoyed the food and finished everything except fried rice.
After she was done eating, she complained about the food, saying that it was stale food.
And asked for her refund, which the manager refused to pay. She began abusing staff members by making racial comments about their ethnicity.

At the end of the meal to pay, she said the shrimp was spoiled (it wasn’t), and she ate 3. (edit: yes, she ate the whole $20 snow crab meal already, didn’t finish the fried.

she said, “take your ass back to your country Ching Chong.”

The owner recorded the scene and later published it on social media, where the woman can be seen making comments about the chines staff. Afterward, she posted negative comments on their website using fake accounts. She wanted to ruin the image of the restaurant.

When she was refused a reimbursement on Tuesday, the staff of King Cajun in Mills 50 restaurants had to listen to an Orlando woman spew racist slurs.
In an Instagram video, the woman yelled to King Cajun Manager Kristen Nguyen, “You’re a Chinese bitch.” “Go back to your nation and take your ass.”

The woman claimed that food was spoiled after eating a full plate which is wrong. She could have said it was just tasting one or two spoons. She planned to get a refund by making an excuse.

“When it came time to pay at the end of the night, she claimed the shrimp was ruined (it wasn’t) and she ate three,” King Cajun said on social media. “When we told her we couldn’t refund it, she started making racist slurs.”

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