Who is Devin Duniver? What about death and obituary? A teacher investigates a former student’s unfair conviction.

Anthony Harris, then a teenager, was accused of the murder of his neighbor’s 5-year-old daughter in 1999. He was an excellent student who was often active in Nobel projects. However, he eventually confessed to his teacher.
She expressed sadness for her community’s reaction to her former pupil’s arrest and unjust conviction.


Who is Devin Duniver? (Wiki, Age, Biography)

Devin’s remains were discovered in woods in New Philadelphia, Ohio, in 1998. Harris was a prime suspect in her murder. In 2000, he was arrested and bought to the court where the jury determined that Harris’ taped confession helped him be freed from jail.
“I was picturing my student sitting in that conference or standing at my desk doing his best to answer the questions the way he would think I wanted him to answer them,”
“I felt like our mostly white community had let him down. I felt like Anthony should’ve had a parade of people behind him saying ‘absolutely not,'”
Arbogast expressed concern about allegations that Harris was interviewed alone by an investigator and admitted to the murder.

Devin Duniver

According to Arbogast, Harris would “answer questions in the way he would assume the adult would want him to answer them.”

“I felt like they asked him leading questions, and he was answering them in a way that he was being helpful,” she added. “I just felt like they didn’t even bother to find out what happened to that little girl.”

Arbogast stated that Harris’ situation stayed with him until he was freed from jail. She wrote to many publications throughout the years about her regret for not helping her student who needed her to help the most.

“I never told Anthony that I thought him a good student and I believed in him. And I never for a moment believed him guilty, not for a second. As a teacher, I felt I failed him by not somehow reaching out to him and saying that I believed in him. Maybe if one person had, others would have, too,”

“But I hope that one day, he will not be seen by the naysayers at all,” she said. “I hope that history does his side of the story right.”

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