Dennis Leger Obituary, Former fire department public information officer of Springfield Dennis Leger dies at the age of 68

A sad time for the fire department of Springfield as their former public information officer Dennis Leger passed away on October 18 at the age of 68 

Who is Dennis Leger?

Dennis was Springfield’s former public information officer who joined the department in 1977.

In 2000 he became the aide to the commissioner and the public information officer. His duty was to come in during fires and other emergencies during the day and take pictures of firefighters in action during the night. 

Although he was not trained in photography or broadcasting, his photos have appeared in interviews for a TV news channel. After serving in the department for 43 years, He retired in June 2020. On October 18, Dennis took his last breath at the age of 68 

Hardworking and dedicated officer:

Dennis was known as a hardworking and dedicated officer. Calvi remembers him as passionate and dedicated. Former fire commissioner Gary stated Dennis was the appointment he had ever made to the department and community.  

Through his works, Leger brought light to the works of their department through social media, and now the department has thousands of followers. 

What happened to Dennis Leger?

The city’s fire department announced the death of Dennis Leger, who passed away on October 18. However, they did not disclose the cause of his death to the public. He is survived by his wife Krystyna and his children James and Jessica.

Many are in grief at the loss of their former public information officer. Mayor Dominic Sarno conveyed his condolences to friends and family of Dennis.

Dennis Leger Obituary:

The nature of Denijs Leger’szwre death is not known to the public. The funeral arrangement of Dennis Leger is yet to be announced. Dennis Leger passed away on October 18 at the age of 68.

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