David Conde Sr Cause Of death was explained after a long investigation

No one can predict the next second what is going to happen. What mystery is going to be seen in the next second? We are not permanent people on the earth. One day everyone has to leave, and no one can escape death. Death is caused due to several factors like diseases, accidents, natural causes, natural disasters, crashes etc. It is a horrible feeling to lose our loved ones in front of our eyes suddenly due to natural causes of sudden heart attacks.

One such incident happened about the death of David Conde S and his son David Conde Jr.

David Conde Sr cause of death:

The death happened on February 15, 2022. David Conde Sr and his son David Conde Jr had been found dead in Geneva’s home. 

The police could not find the cause of the death of the father and son together in the same home and at the same time. The police also get very confused about the case without getting any evidence or clue about what had happened.

How did David Conde Sr die?

David Conde Sr’s death has remained a mystery for more than nine months, and the exact cause and happening were not yet known. After long struggles, the police officers involved in the investigation of the case found that the father, David Conde Sr, had died due to some natural causes that are not yet known. 

His son David Conde Jr had lost his life without knowing what had happened to his father. 

What happened to David Conde Sr. 

David Conde Sr had lost his life along with his son in his home in Geneva. When the police reached the place, the two were found dead. It is very saddening to hear such news; the cause of the death is also not yet known. 

Death is mysterious! 

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