Who was David Bonola? and what are the charges against him?

Handyman David Bonola killed Queens mom Orsolya Gaal

David Bonola, 44, was detained on Thursday after his involvement in the gruesome murder of Orsolya Gaal was found to be suspicious. According to the police, she allowed him to enter her home. Investigators arrested Bonola on Wednesday night. Shortly after the interrogation, he admitted murdering Gaal with a kitchen knife in her basement on April 16 while her son slept upstairs.

“The defendant and victim were known to each other. The defendant went to the victim’s residence between 12am and 4am… to engage her in a verbal dispute,” At Bonola’s trial, Assistant District Attorney Josh Garland addressed the court.“Because she knew him, she let him into the house. He then engaged her in a verbal dispute and unfortunately she had to ask him to leave multiple times.”

According to Garland, Bonola “refused to leave, and the incident [escalated] with the terrible stabbing of the victim over 50 times.”

The handyman stuffed the body into her son’s hockey bag and dumped it in a park nearby. Bonola managed to flee through the park, but investigators discovered his jacket.

They further claimed that bloody bandages were discovered during the investigation and that Bonola had received treatment at a local medical institution for wounds.

According to investigators, the victim attempted to fight back.
According to reports, the couple started having an affair in 2020 while working at the family house. It maintained their on-again, off-again romance, which they had revived in April but had lately ended.
Bonola did not want their affair to end, so he went to try to revive it. But she wasn’t prepared for it.

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Orsolya Gaal Boyfriend David Bonola Death (Obituary)

Gaal let Bonola inside her home shortly after midnight on Friday night. It’s uncertain whether she called him over or if he dropped by with telling her. Her second child, Leo, was upstairs at the moment, so they went inside and down to the basement. Howard, her husband, and Jamie, her oldest son, were not at home.
When the former couple began to argue, Bonola stabbed her 58 times with a knife.

The police officer stated ‘We believe Mr. Bonola arrives between 12.30 am and 12.40 am. He is a handyman who is employed by Mrs. Gaal. They had been having an intimate affair for 2 years.
‘Bonola is either let involuntarily or he uses a key that he knows is kept in the barbecue. A heated argument in the basement ensues and then a violent struggle before Bonola ruthlessly and brutally stabs Mrs. Gaal in excess of 55 times, causing her demise. At this time, he has no (prior) arrests that we know of. There are no outstanding suspects,’ Chief of Detectives, James Gessig, confirmed there are no outstanding suspects.


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