Dane partridge Cause of death, How did Dane partridge die?

Dane Partridge was 34 years old and residing in Rexburg in Idaho. He was attacked and wounded in Luhansk from the attack on Severodonetsk on October 3. This information was given by his sister, Jenny partridge Corrx, who wrote all this information in her Facebook post. 

Then Partridge was taken to a military hospital in Kyiv, where he struggled with his life. Corry also wrote that a doctor in that hospital informed their family that Partridge suffered from critical injuries on his neck. And after struggling a lot, he finally died on Tuesday.

Dane partridge’s cause of death:

Dane Partridge, 34, from Rexburg, passed away after fighting in Ukraine.

A Russian vehicle ambushed Partridge and the men he was with as they were digging trenches, Corry reported. During the firefight, the men were caught in the middle. Corry said that he suffered a broken neck, an injured arm, and shrapnel in his brain.

On October 3, Partridge was hospitalized in Zaporizhzhya. On Tuesday, while he was still on life support, he passed away after being in a coma for eight days.

What happened to Dane Partridge:

A veteran from the USA who traveled from Idaho to Ukraine has died from many injuries. He also sustained when he was fighting Russian forces in the Donbas. Dane and his team were ambushed when clearing all the trenches with two Russian vehicles. 

Corry also said she knew one of them was related to the tank. Also, the shrapnel was discharged in the firefight, and Dane was abruptly injured. All the people there were brutally injured, but Dane was injured most of it. They had many stretchers.

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