Life is a game. We cannot know when we will be at the top and when we will slip in our life. Anything might happen within a second in our life. No one can predict or judge it. We might be careful, but some situations will push or pull us into bad situations that no one has predicted. 

Many people lose their lives in such incidents due to carelessness, natural causes, etc. It is heartbreaking to see the news of a small child drowning in a public pool and losing his life. 

What happened to Cyrus Buck?

Cyrus Buck is a nine-year-old boy who was swimming, enjoying their time, and playing with his friends at the well-known Waikerie Pool in South Australia’s Riverland region. 

They were enjoying the moments, but the time had not left the same until he got into the serious trouble of drowning in the water around 3:30 pm on Saturday, December 3, 2022. Immediately after knowing the incident, a local safeguard jumped into the pool and carried the unconscious boy into the land for recovery.

How did Cyrus Buck die? 

After the lifeguard saves Cyrus Buck from drowning in the pool, he is unconscious when he gets into the floor. The safeguard there gave first aid to him and did every measure to make him conscious until the emergency force arrived. But unfortunately, when he was taken to the hospital, he lost his life. 

The police came and investigated the incident of what is the reason, and everything the next morning. And they reported that still, an investigation is going on. It is very pathetic to lose people in such an incident.

May the young soul rest in peace! Gone too soon! 

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