Corona Virus Cases In India Sees Record 96,551 Cases In A Single Day

Corona Virus in India sees the highest spike in the last 7 days. India recorded 96,551 Cases in a single day & 1209 deaths in the last 24 hours. According to the health data approx 71,000 COVID patients are discharged from the hospitals.

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As on 11th September 2020 India covid-19 cases reached 45,62,415 & 9,43,480 active cases and death tolls to 76,271 according to the reports.

Corona Virus Cases In India

Aproximately 11,63,542 tests are conducted on Thursday so overall its huge, In the unlock conditions people are not aware. Infections are growing faster day by day after the one month India can cross the United States of Covid-19 cases.

The worldwide number of Covid-19 cases has 28 million according to the reports.