Claes-Göran Hederström cause of death, the Swedish artist and Former Eurovision Representative, passed away at the age of 77

Life is full of surprises and miracles. No one can predict what will happen. No one on earth can live permanently without escaping from death. Everyone has to leave the earth one day. But losing our loved ones in front of our eyes will be a very painful moment for the parents, the friends, and the closest ones. Everyone should have a lot of strength to bear the such loss in life. 

One such heartbreaking news is the death of  Claes-Göran Hederström, who had multiple roles and passed away on 8 October 2022.

 Who is Claes-Göran Hederström?

Claes-Göran Hederström is a well-known Swedish artist and Former Eurovision Representative. He commenced his career by making a television debut in 1967 and won the Melodifestivalen in 1968 with his wonderful song Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej. He was called The Mello of the 50s and 60s because of his passion and love for music. 

Claes-Göran Hederström cause of death:

Unfortunately, God is taking away the lives of people with unique talents. Very saddened to see the death of Claes-Göran Hederström, who had his last breath on Tuesday night, 8 October 2022. After learning of his death, everyone is sharing their memories and sending condolences to his family and friends. But the cause of death has not been announced or updated so far. 

How did Claes-Goran Hederström die?

After knowing the death of Claes-Göran Hederström, everyone is anxious to know what happened to him. But there is no information on his death. The family and friends have shared nothing about it. It is said that he passed away at the age of 77. And the family is in despair. 

May his soul rest in peace! 

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