Chinese universities to host online classes for international students owing to coronavirus scare

International students have been recommended to not return to China until the situation regains normalcy

Of the nearly five lakh international students in China, around 23,000 are Indians. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, most universities have asked the foreign students, who went to their home country in January during the winter break, to not return to the campuses until further notice.

Most varsities plan to reschedule the Spring semester and have suggested the students to stay put in their home countries until further notice. The dates of spring term have not yet been announced by the universities. “Students who are living in the dormitory should protect themselves, wear masks, wash hands frequently, avoid crowded places and monitor their body temperature. In case of fever, cough and other symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection, please seek medical advice immediately,” read an official announcement at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

“China is taking all measures to contain the outbreak, and has issued many advisories to help the foreign students,” says Divyakshi Kukshal, an MBA student at Peking University.

Several varsities will host online classes to ensure timely completion of academic activities.

Abid Ahmad, an Indian researcher at Tsinghua University, says that medical staff has been buffed up to help students staying in the dormitories “The scare is less in Peking, but the authorities are extra cautious,” Ahmad told
Education Times in a telephonic conversation from China. India has so far evacuated around 650 nationals from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic.

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