Home Entertainment Chaupal Original Murabba Web Series Watch Online On Chaupal App Tomorrow

Chaupal Original Murabba Web Series Watch Online On Chaupal App Tomorrow

Chaupal Original Murabba Web Series

Murabba is an Indian Punjabi-language thriller web series releasing on the Chaupal app tomorrow at 6 pm (IST). It is created by DK Bains and produced by Dheeraj Kumar and Karan Sandhu under Ambarsariya Productions. The story of Murabba has been written by Preet Mahla and Loreena Bagga. This new Chaupal Original web series stars Yaad Grewal, Mahavir Bhullar, Sanya Pannu, Rohan Joshi, Preet Baath, and Dheeraj Kumar in lead roles.

Murabba, which refers to 25 acres of land, is a crime thriller episodic in which the audience will witness people’s greed for land at the cost of their relationships and lives. The story showcases people of a village who do anything and everything to own a piece of land in the village. The web series depicts people’s mindset that possessing a land adds to social status. Murabba is a true projection of society wherein families dispute over land and even kill their family members for the same.

Chaupal Original

In the series of six episodes, the audiences will get to see how a lust for land makes people their own enemies. Just when one desire ends another arises and this never-ending circle of greed traps a human and forces him to do evil conspiracies in the web series. Murabba which is all set to release tomorrow, that is, October 1, will portray the materialistic society in the true sense where land and material things are more important than human beings.

The web series will showcase the journey of different individuals of a village who destroy their lives and relationships only to acquire land and complete a Murabba.
To experience the chaos of violence, dark comedy, and action watch Murabba only on Chaupal.

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