Charles Sherrod Cause Of Death, Founding member of SNCC, Rev Charles Sherrod, passed away at age 85

Rev Charles Sherrod passed away on October 14 at his home in Albany, Georgia. He was 85 at the time of his demise. 

Who is Charles Sherrod?

Born on January 2, 1937, in Surry, Virginia, Charles Sherrod was a preacher,  minister and civil rights activist. During his childhood,  he attended Sunday school before becoming a preacher at Mount Olivet Baptist Church. He graduated with a master’s degree in sacred theology at union theology seminary. 

He was married to former U.S department of agriculture official Shurley Sherrod, who was blessed with two kids.

His first involvement in the civil rights movement was in the Brown V Board of Education case. He was the member and organizer of the Student nonviolent coordination committee and became its first field secretary and director. 

He also participated in the Selma voting rights movement and the Albany movement. Later he was appointed as the Albany city council member and co-founded the New committee, which is the largest blacked own farm and also the first community land trust in the country.

On October 11, the civil rights activist passed away at the age of 85 at his home in Albany Georgia.

How did Charles Sherrod die?

Rev Charles Sherrod, an active civil rights activist, passed away on October 11.The news of his death was announced publicly by his family. However, he did not disclose the cause of his death to the public. The cause behind Rev Charles Sherrods death is not disclosed to the public.

Charles Sherrod Obituary: 

The memorial service of Rev Charles Sherrod will be held on October 15 at Mount Zion church at Westover boulevard. 

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