CBSE 12th Board Exam 2020: Tips to score full marks in Mathematics

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It’s easy to score full marks in Mathematics subject if you have prepared well for your upcoming CBSE Class 12th Board Exams 2020. With the right guidance, the students can maximise their preparation and score full marks in the CBSE 12th Maths examination.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the Class 12th Mathematics board examination on March 17, 2020. The students can follow the tips provided here to come out of ‘math phobia’ and score high in the subject:

Divide & Set Deadline for Syllabus: Make a note of entire syllabus and divide them into different sections. Now, allot deadline for each section. Make sure you follow the deadline and complete preparing for the exam on time.

Prepare hand-written notes on formulae, theories, and methods: Mathematics is all about formulae, theories, concepts that you should remember by heart to solve any problem easily. Keep separate hand-written notes on formulae, theories, and methods to use them for last-minute revision.

Practice 1-hour every day: Practice is key to score well in the Mathematics exam. Make sure you sit and practice maths questions for an hour each day. This will not only help you in understanding concepts and techniques but also help you develop your own time management skills.

Download CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Question Paper 2019

Download CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Sample Question Paper 2020

Focus on improvement: When you practice every day, you would realise there are some topics where you need to focus more to score better. Attempt Maths question papers from last year to have an overview of the examination pattern.

Textbooks are important: Pick previous years’ question papers and you would realise that most of the questions are from the textbook. Hence, you need to turn to your textbooks for exam preparation.

Mix-up subjects to break the monotony while studying: It can become monotonous and boring if you study one subject for long. Hence, mix and match subjects while studying to avoid monotony.

Don’t forget to relax your mind: Exams are important but so are other things in life. Do not give up your games, dancing or singing. Keep yourself calm, positive, and confident. The key to get full score in Maths is exam preparation with planning. If you have prepared well, you are going to ace the exam.

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