Dablixx Osha Cause of death? A Popular Nigerian trap rapper, passed away at 27.

Dablixx Osha

Losing our loved ones or talented persons from the earth is the most horrible. People dying at the age when they want to live happily or shine in their career is very much shocking and heartbreaking. This can be the best example, saying that life cannot always be predicted. It is a mystery. Losing loved … Read more

Evelyn de Rothschild, the financial adviser to Queen Elizabeth II, passed away at the age of 91

Evelyn de Rothschild

Life is full of surprises and miracles. We cannot predict what will happen in the next minute or a second, which is the interesting fact behind it. Whatever posts we hold or positions we may reach, we must leave the earth one day. Death and birth are regular cycles. No one can escape from it. … Read more

Tom Owen: The television celebrity, dies aged 73; family and friends pay tributes, Cause of death

tom owen

Death is the destiny of life. Anything might happen to anyone. The next minute or the next second is not permanent or sure for everyone. So, we should make good memories and the people around us till we live. We should live for the cause of our birth. But one day, everyone will leave the … Read more

What happened to Joana Luna? Joanna Luna Albert missing alert

What happened to Joana Luna?

Joanna Luna Albert missing alert Once again, a crime happened; the case is about Joana Luna. A 13-year-old girl had been missing. All her family members have tried to search for her, but every time they failed. The Texas police department is investigating the missing child case, and they have even searched for the child. … Read more

How did Heinz Winkler die? German chef Heinz Winkler passed away at the age of 73

Heinz Winkler

The celebrity chef Heinz Winkler who received a three Michelin star when he was 32, passed away on October 29. He was 73 years old at the time of his death. Who is Heinz Winkler? Born in July 1949, Heinz  Winkler was the youngest to receive three Michelin stars when he was 32. He was … Read more

Tame One, rap legend, hip-hop great, and all-rounder, dies at 52, Cause of death

Tame One

Even the living legends die someday. They might be powerful, well-talented, unique and special, but they cannot escape death. Everyone has to leave the earth one day. No other option or alternative for escape is available. Even if they had made a lot of achievements in their life, their talents and memories would be remembered … Read more

What happened to Coy Gibbs? Coy Gibbs died after sometime after his son won the championship

coy gibbs

Life is full of surprises and miracles. Anything might happen at any time. None is permanent on the earth. Some people even lose life at their very important moment or the important phase. Losing life at the earliest age is horrible since they will miss many things in their life.   One such heart-devastating news is … Read more

Rugby player Levi Davis is missing, and friends seek help to find him

Levi Davis

Missing cases are increasing nowadays. Due to their increased stress and depression, people walk away from their family or home and go somewhere without saying a word to their close ones. It is very tough to search for them when they are gone. No one can predict what will be the reason for their missing. … Read more

How did Hannah Pick Goslar die? A friend of Anne Frank, Hannah Pick Goslar, passed away at the age of 93

Hannah Pick Goslar

Hannah Pick Goslar, who was close friends with Anne Frank, passed away on October 28th at 93, at her home in Jerusalem.  Who is Hannah Pick Goslar? Born on November 12th 1928, in Berlin, Hannah Pick Goslar was a holocaust survivor and was popularly known as a close friend of Anne Frank. She was mentioned … Read more

How did Edot Baby die? Edot Baby Cause of death? Edot Baby died at a young age

Edot Baby

Today the field of rappers is growing. People like the rapper just because their singing patterns contain their real stories. But now there is another piece of news about the death of a rapper. If you are also a fan of rapping, then you will be familiar with the name Edot Baby.  He is one … Read more