Carla Heaton cause of death? An awarded goalkeeper and a Football player, passed away at the age of 22

Death has no mercy. It doesn’t see the age or the gender. Losing wonderful and powerful talents at the youngest age is crucial and horrible how to tolerate and bear such losses in life. It is very shocking to hear the award winning goalkeeper and a football player who had played many matches, Carla Heaton, passed away at the age of 22. 

Who is Carla Heaton?

Carla Heaton is an awarded goalkeeper who has played several matches for Cirencester town football. The youngest champ and sportswoman had started her career and sports life by playing first in Swindon Town WFC. She was always doing her best in the position she was playing in the team. She never failed to show and expose her talents. Her main goal or aim in the team is to stop the opposing team playing from the target of scoring goals.

Carla Heaton cause of death:

It is unfortunate to hear that such a young champ left the world very soon with all her talents and abilities. It is the most shocking news that is trending in social media. 

The cause of the death of Carla Heaton is not revealed, and it is still unknown to the public. Only the passing away news had been made public by saying that she had passed on 23rd November 2022, Wednesday. 

How did Carla Heaton die?

The sudden death of Carla made all the football fans and audiences move into despair. No one knows what happened to her and what is the factor or cause for her sudden death. 

But no sources had revealed or explained the death of Carla Heaton. It is a very misfortune to miss such a talented champ and sports person to lose at the youngest age.

May her soul rest in peace! 

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