Best Stocks To Buy Now, Warren Buffett’s Best Investments and What They Teach Us

Warren Buffett has made billions of dollars by investing wisely. The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway continue to be one of the richest people in the world, largely because of his knack for identifying value in companies and services that others fail to see. And as a result, his portfolio list contains, for many investors, the best stocks to buy now; experts want to gasp insights into his thinking. 

 Here are five of the best stocks that have helped Warren Buffett become a billionaire.

 Assured Guaranty Ltd.

When asked to name his favorite investment of all time, Buffett turned to a reinsurer. Specifically, Berkshire Hathaway bought a 90% stake in Assured Guaranty Ltd., a company that provides insurance against default on loans. At the purchase, the company was struggling in the wake of the financial crisis, so Berkshire Hathaway’s $2 billion investment was seen as something of a bailout. A few years later, though, Buffett’s investment had paid off handsomely. The value of Assured Guaranty’s stock had soared, and the company was back to normal operating conditions. Why? Because Buffett saw the value in the company’s reserves, which had dropped due to the financial crisis. They were at about $30 billion at the time of the purchase. But Buffett saw that they could eventually grow to $70 billion or $80 billion as the economy and the real estate market recovered.

 Coca-Cola Co.

The third-best investment of Buffett’s career was a stock in the beverage industry — Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It sells both soda and bottled water and a variety of other beverages. The company also owns significant minority stakes in other companies, like Monster Beverage Corp. Buffett first bought Coca-Cola in 1989, and he’s held onto it ever since. Coca-Cola’s profits have grown steadily over the years, and the stock has offered a steady stream of dividends. As a result, Coca-Cola is one of the highest-yielding stocks in the S&P 500. The company also has a solid track record for innovation, and it is a leader in terms of sustainability and philanthropy.

 Electronic Arts Inc.

Next, Buffett turned to a company he had invested in since 1998. He has held onto the shares of Electronic Arts Inc., a video game publisher, even though the stock has been hit by various waves of criticism over the years. E.A. has come under fire for violent content in its video games and the use of loot boxes and microtransactions in some of its games. In addition, investors have been frustrated by the company’s focus on aggressive growth. E.A. has often come under fire for making decisions that boost short-term profits — like launching games that are not up to the standard of its usual offerings. The company has also been criticized for treating employees, particularly women. Yet despite all this, the stock has been growing steadily, and it has a history of rewarding long-term investors.

 Intel Corp.

Intel Corp. is the company that Buffett loves most regarding current investments. The company designs and produces microchips and other computer components. Intel also owns many other businesses, including an investment in Nvidia Corp. Intel has long focused on innovation, and its reputation for excellence in R&D has been central to its success. The chipmaker has also been at the forefront of a major technological shift. For decades, Intel’s dominance came from its ability to create faster chips and used less energy. However, when the market began to shift towards artificial intelligence, Intel struggled to keep up. Fortunately, the company has recently made smart investments in new technologies like quantum computing. These moves have helped Intel stay on top of the latest changes in the tech industry. As a result, Intel’s stock has been growing steadily, and it has remained a reliable investment despite the wide swings in the market.

 Wells Fargo & Co.

And finally, Buffett’s best current investment is his stake in Wells Fargo & Co. The bank had improved significantly since the financial crisis when a fake account number scandal hit it. Yet Berkshire Hathaway and other shareholders have continued to hold onto their stock despite ongoing criticism of the company’s practices. According to many critics, wages are low, and employees are struggling to keep up with the workload. And the company has also been dealing with a massive fraud scandal, which has hurt its reputation. Yet all this has done little to slow down Wells Fargo’s growth. And Buffett has shown no signs of slowing down with his investment in the company.


As you can see, Buffett’s best investments are not all tech stocks. Only one company on this list is in the technology industry, and that company has been on the upswing thanks to a shift towards new technologies. The industry does not matter as much as the company’s quality and its stock price. The best investment is the one that gives you the most profit for the least amount of risk. And when it comes to current investments, Buffett’s favorites are all promising companies with relatively low levels of risk.

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