After 2 Days of Friend Bidisha De Majumder’s Death, Bengali Model Manjusha Neogi Found Dead

After two days after the suicide of the popular model Bidisha De, one of her friends and a model Manjusha Neogi at her home in Kolkata, she was also found dead. This is shocking news that one more Bengali model at her residence in Kolkata was found dead. She lives in the Patuli area. On the 27th May the death news came. On 25th may, a popular bridal model in her apartment in the dumdum area Bidisha De Majumder was found dead, and the second incident came just three days after Manjusha Negi was also found dead. 

The actress was Manjusha Neogi, and she was the friend of Bidisha De Majumdar. When the body of Manjusha neogi was taken to the hospital by the police, the doctors were declared dead. The actress’s family has said that she was going through depression after the death of her friend Bidisha.

What is the Manjusha Neogi cause of death?

The body of Manjusha Neogi has been sent for a forensic examination to the hospital to know the exact cause of the death, and the police said this. Manusha neogi was given the statement that my daughter was going through depression after her friend bidisha’s death, and she was always talking about her from then. Some time back, Manjusha came back to her father’s house as she was married.

Know what said by Manjusha’s mother-

As said to her mother that they had both been friends for a long time, and they worked together. Her mother also said that she had a happy life with her husband also, and due to her eating habits, her husband always used to ask her to quit the industry.

Her mother also said that since she was in her modeling industry, she always ate significantly less to maintain her weight and figure. She said that she was always telling Manjusha to eat on time and eat well so she could be away from any issues for her health.

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