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Copywriting For Beginners | What is Copywriting ,How To Become Freelance Copywriter And Make Money


Copywriting For Beginners, What is Copywriting? is possible to earn money with copywriting? so the copywriting is the art of writing for business for the writer to earn a specific income.copywriting is responsible for writing in websites or blogs, marketing.

So here is an example, when we hire one salesman for the sales prospects that sell your product and convinces people or customer, he can service one customer at a time, so the copywriter reaches all of the customers and provide services and easily convinces through blogs, ads, posts, magazine to customers to take the action.

so you can make money and working as a freelance copywriting or working at home.SEO, content marketing, digital marketing need copywriter. Become Freelance Copywriter

What Is Copywriting?

So guys let’s check what is copywriting? the copywriting is writing about your product, create blog posts, create ads and writing brands promote to customers to take their actions.so if you want to be a copywriter so you can read what you have to write and creation too.

A copywriter is an expert to create brand promotions, create ads, text on websites, press magazines, or more.so you have to sell and convince people to take their actions and the first thing is you have to hire a salesman and he provides services and interacted with customers one at a time, so the copywriting cover all these and it connects all the customers with their ads, blogs post, promotions, etc.

Copywriting For Beginners: Lists Of Skills Do You Need?

So if you are beginners as a copywriter and want to make some money, so here provide a list of skills that help you to make money easily.

Start Easy, think big, listen to what people want and research this, learn new formats, or Must Be In Full Detail so your clients make more money.

  1. Steller Writing Skills

If you are going as a copywriter, and you write about sell and steller writing required writing skills.

So you must be good in English, no grammar mistakes, strong your vocab, so you must practice more to learn these skills.

2. Curiosity

You must be aware and curious about your text that writes in your blogs or ads must be convincing to the customers. and learn about new writing skills and be curious and be research whats on trending today, so the customers take their actions. and most is that you write something in your blogs not be boring, you have to explore new things.


The part the copywriter does is research new things, that you add in your blogs and you can explore what people want this time so you can easily convince them to take their actions.

4.Must Be In Full Detail

You write a blog post that is error-free and must be full in detail. that help you grow as a freelance copywriter to make money.

That more your write is error-free that makes your profession in this field .in that time no clients want any error or edit so you have to be careful about this.

What You Have To Do In Copywriting?

That next question in our mind is what exactly copywriters do? so the copywriter creates a promotion advertisement.

Check all the lists What You Have To Do In Copywriting.

  1.  Adverts On tv,radio ads,blogs post ,news ,magzines etc
  2. Brouchers
  3. Websites Text
  4. Signup Forms
  5. Sales
  6. Press
  7. Blogs posts
  8. Emails
  9. Billboards
  10. How To Guide

How Much You Can Make Money As a Copywriter?

So this is the main question, How Much You Can Make Money As a Copywriter? You want to know about as per the beginning level how much I can earn money or in a professional way how much you can make money as a copywriter.

So the truth behind is freelance copywriting can make less than $30,000 every year and more than $2,000,000 per year.

In that case, it depends on the level of experience.

beginning level with minimum exp. in copywriting earn $3,000 – $15,000 per year. and the medium and experience copywriter can earn $85,000 to $155,000 per year.

As highly skilled copywriter can earn $350,000 per year.

apart from that freelance copywriter can earn lots of money.you have to work more to make money.

How To Become Freelance Copywriter And Make Money?

This all about based on your skills like you have excellent knowledge of SEO and site handlings so you create an own service page so people contact you easily, once the audience contacts you and gives you a project, you can easily earn money.

Creating a page of your own services is pretty good to earn money, in this, you have to offer an audience, what you are offering, and what you provide service to them.

Make it easier for your traffic to contact you.

1. Specified Niche

The most suitable to grab your audience is to specify your niche. you have to clear about the topic .its mean your interested topic or that you are good at that topic. for example like if you work in a bank so you can easily talk about finance skills.so you become a professional copywriter that you become familiar with that niche.

If you don’t have a niche, and you are not able to promote products through affiliate marketing. having a specified topic on your account name directly goes to their audience. if you have an interest in food, fitness, etc so you could pick your niche.

2. Freelance Copywriting Content (Work From Home)

Freelancing? “Those peoples want work for yourself, not for other companies in simple words” this is called freelancing.

in this, you have experience in like designing, marketing, article writing so you can check other sites to work with and get extra money.

Freelancing Sites In India [Check Here]


3.Creating your Own Websites

Firstly you have to create an own website to earn money, once you create a website so start postings the blogs regularly, and also you can create a Facebook page and the Instagram page to find ways to earn money and get traffic from these pages to your sites.

Start Easy, think big, listen to what people want and research this, learn new formats, or Must Be In Full Detail so your clients make more money.

4.Google AdSense (by Google)

Here are two ad-methods that you could choose in your blogs to earn money through ad-sense. Once you have to pick one Ad-sense account in your blog post, once you get approval on your post, they show ad automatically on your blog post and earn money from them.

If your blog has a less than 300 User you could pick another Ad-sense account like Media.net to earn money. As we know ad-sense is the best advertisement program for blog beginners but it has some limitations like per click amount paid limitation.

The most effective way to get direct advertisement is to choose different networks to an ad on your page.here some networks like Media-kit or also you can use plugins like WPAdvanceAds to manage the ads.

5. Find Promotions Brands

Paid Reviews & Sponsered Posts are an excellent way to grow your income.you can earn easily $10 per small review posts. many platforms are there to provide some paid review posts easily, in my opinion, I make lots of money through this paid review posts.

Tips & some website to find Paid Reviews & Sponsered Posts


6. Sell Digital Products

If you are not comfortable to get advertise on your site, and you are looking for another platform you can sell digital products like:

Online Courses / Counsilings /Workshops
Image.Video Editing
Apps or Themes

If you picked a topic and create your own eBook and put it to sale on your blogs or other platforms.once you choose this process, you can earn money by selling eBooks online.

7. Be Patient [To Make Money]

In the present time, there are many affiliates programs and affiliates work so you want to make money you need to be patient.there are many ongoing seminars like Marketing events, affiliates community to meet new people, all are given the best ways and tips to develop you.

Here are different affiliates programs that used in different payment terms.

PPC (Pay Per Click): you can make money online depends on visitors on your site.

PPS (Pay Per Sale):  you can make money online depends on visitors purchase through your affiliates links.

PPL (Pay Per Lead): you can make money online depends on visitors provides her/him additional information on your advertisement.

8. Choose More Attractive Products

Many people are doing same mistakes to promote everything by registering different affiliates programs, in these, you have to choose attractive products to earn money, in that you have to understand what markets need more, what peoples like or other unique product to affiliate marketing.its is the main tips so you can earn money with affiliate marketing.

9. Choose WordPress For New Websites

Many used WordPress to start websites and it looks good. anyone can use WordPress and start postings blogs, also you can choose WordPress plus for more attractive tools in your websites.

If you are thinking to make money through affiliate marketing, WordPress is a platform to start blogs also you can see videos on how to start and build a website on WordPress.

10. Used Tools

There are many helpful tools, you can use to help your site for like in market research, to track other sites or other information.

To tracking other websites you can choose Buffer and Bit.ly, to create links you choose ClickMeter. to create Gifs and images you could pick Unplash and GifMaker and for social media planning, you can use BuzzSumo and Feedly. smart affiliate link test tool is GO Trace by App Samurai you can use this.

11. Sell Your Own Products

Sell your own products’ Instagram page and you can make money with them. you can sell your products on Instagram.

There are a few ways to sell your own products.

  • You can use print services on demands like print on T-shirts and other products.
  • You can sell e-Books and online teaching Courses.
  • You can use the account to Launch Selling your own digital products or books.
  • You can provide services like Photography, E-books, Consulting or other things.

on behalf, 30% user on Instagram prefers to buy products on Instagram so you can use your Instagram account to sell products in your feed.

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