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Be careful using Google, doing these things can cause trouble

Be careful using Google

Google is such a search engine that in today’s time it is fully capable of finding the answer to any of our questions. All our questions get the right and accurate answers on Google. But in today’s time, people search for such a thing, which can put all of us in big trouble. We will give you information about all those things here, which you should never search on Google. The puzzling thing that can put the whole country in trouble with you is the method of making bombs, for your information, tell us that on searching such things, the IP address of your computer, mobile, or laptop will reach the security agencies. Also, you may have to make rounds with the police.

On the other hand, there is a thing related to your health that you want to know on the basis of the symptoms on Google, which disease has happened to them. Along with this, they also search for medicines for that disease. Don’t do that. Taking the wrong medicines will make your health worse. If your condition worsens, consult a doctor immediately. In today’s time, everyone downloads third-party apps on Google Chrome to watch free movies and get discount-cashback in order to save money. These apps can be fake and they can steal the personal data of users. Do not do this and always download the mobile app from Google Play Store.

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If the customer care number is not known, we resort to Google. For your information, let us tell you that many times hackers float fake or fake helpline numbers in Google Search to target users.  After this, the hackers commit the crime. We never know the exact link to the bank’s website. We used to type the name of the bank in Google to access the website of a particular bank. For this also hackers can create a fake website of the same bank that you are looking for. The domain name of these fake websites is similar to the domain name of the official website of the bank.

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