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Baby p: An inhumane act by a human on 1st March

Murder of a person at the hands of anyone is always sympathised with and condemned by the public and the netizens, but the murder of a child is even crueller, and the murderer is considered ruthless. When the child is not even two years old, everyone feels ashamed that another fellow human did such an inhumane thing to a newborn baby who did not correctly apprehend the world. 

One victim of such a brutal murderer was Peter Connelly, who was also called “Baby A”, “Baby P”, and also “Baby Peter”. He was a seventeen-month baby who was ruthlessly murdered in London in 2007. Baby P was born on 1st March 2006, and he had suffered more than fifty injuries over eight months.


Baby “P” and what happened to him in 2007?

Baby P was a victim of child abuse and ruthless murder at a very young, but the most heartbreaking thing was that he was abused repeatedly by his mother and his mother’s boyfriend. Baby P’s mother started a relationship with Steven Barker just two months after he was born. Steven Broker would repeatedly abuse the toddler, which resulted in more than 50 injuries during just eight months. 

Baby P died due to a blood clot in his mother Tracy’s home in Tottenham on 3rd August 2007. The toddler’s appalling abuse was a victim of shocked Britain to the core. Young Peter was hospitalized twice due to the severe injuries to bear from the abuse by his mother’s boyfriend. Tracy, Peter’s mother, was also arrested twice by the child protection authorities but was told that she would not face prosecution. Unfortunately, Peter died just one day after Tracy was told so. 

Baby P Cause of Death

The legal battle and arrest after Baby Peter’s sad demise:

One thing that brought relief to people’s minds after this murder and abuse was that the criminals were given proper retribution for their hideous actions. Tracy’s former boyfriend, the Broker, received a life sentence for raping a child and murdering Baby P. Tracy, Peter’s mother, was also in jail till 2022 until she got released in parol. Tracy’s mother is still considered a danger to society because she allowed her boyfriend to abuse her child. Broker’s brother Oswen was also in jail until 2011 for either encouraging or not stopping the abuse.

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