Ava Markus Campbell County cheerleader dies – Cause of death, obituary

Ava Markus, a Campbell County High School cheerleader, passed away Tuesday after spending more than a week in the hospital. It happened around 6 pm on Sunday, Oct. 2, near the intersection of Alexandria Pike and St. Michael Drive in Cold Spring.

The semi struck the car in which the 16-year-old was riding. The extrication equipment we used during our investigation was used to free a victim who had become entrapped in a small vehicle. According to Fire Chief Dan Schultz, the extrication and transport to the hospital took about five to seven minutes.

There is still an investigation going on by the police into the crash. It is unclear what caused the accident, but residents and workers in the area say a car accident may have been the cause of death.

Throughout the country, #All4AvaGrace has been gaining popularity since the crash. Twitter and Facebook have shared it.

Campbell County cheerleader Ava Markus’s Cause Of Death:

After more than a week in the hospital, Campbell County High School cheerleader Ava Markus passed away Tuesday.

Cold Spring Police responded to the crash around 6 pm on Alexandria Pike near St. Michael Drive. a 16-year-old was hit by a semi-truck while in a car. Her 17th birthday was just a few weeks away.

How did Ava Markus die?

According to a coroner’s report, Campbell County High School cheerleader Ava Markus died on Tuesday at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

At about 6 pm Sunday, a semi tractor-trailer and an SUV collided on 4000 Alexandria Pike, causing her to be taken to the hospital.

Ava Markus Obituary:

There was already a lot of love for Ava at our school. Skylar Steffen, a Campbell County High School junior, said now that everyone else loves her, too. Her coach described Ava as the glue that holds the team together.

She’s an important member of the team. We are all friends on the team. The cheerleading coach at Campbell County High School said she is a friend who brings all the circles together.

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