Amber Heard rejects Johnny Depp evidence and treats photos

The legal group of Johnny Depp has implicated Amber Heard of consuming drugs, noticing him and operating pictures she has used as verification of his professed misuse. Ms Amber Heard, age 38, was being cross-questioned about her proclamations that Mr Johnny Depp could be aggressive while consuming alcohol and drugs. 

The actor, who is 58 years old, is appealing his previous spouse for $50M for a line she wrote in which she declared to be a sufferer of domestic abuse. He has turned them down at any time by smacking her. 


What did their lawyer Johnny Depp say

What did their lawyer Johnny Depp say?

The lawyer of Mr Johnny Depp cross-questioned Ms Amber Heard on her statement of circumstances related to a long disagreement between the former partners in 2015, and this argument took place in the country of Australia. And this long quarrel has occurred many times throughout the experiment. 

Mr Johnny Depp has asserted that his previous spouse has furnished his all-around by slashing the vodka bottle at him. Ms Amber Heard has informed that Mr Johnny Depp erotically infringed Ms Amber Heard with the help of a vodka bottle.

On Tuesday, the lawyer of Mr Johnny Depp questioned Ms Amber Heard about not seeking medical help instead of claiming she suffered wounds and injuries that were aroused between the long quarrels. 

A lawyer named Camilee Vasquez put questions to Ms Amber Heard on the topic of being slapped by the vodka bottle. After listening to the question, Ms Amber Heard answered that she had never done such an abusive thing as smacked Mr Johnny Depp. 

But Ms Amber Heard accepted that she afflicted Mr Johnny Depp on various occurrences in which Ms Amber Heard informed that she never defended herself with these problems. And also felt guilty about her activities.

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