Who is Alisa Miroshyna? Why is she trending?

Alisa Miroshyna, 9, was delayed in Poland after a civil worker in the United Kingdom demanded confirmation of Viktoria and Alisia’s relationship.

After providing legal papers confirming their relationship, a Ukrainian girl is unable to go to the UK with her aunt and cousin.

Viktoria Sochka, 38, is taking care of her nine-year-old niece Alisa Miroshyna during the tough time as the Russian and Ukraine conflict continues.

Alisa Miroshyna’s parents are serving in the army back home; meanwhile, they have handed over their daughter to her aunt. She was flying to the UK for a better and safe future.

Nick Anderson, 59, and his partner Karen Jones, 54, in Hartlepool, County Durham, provided Viktoria Sochka, 38, a cousin Anastasiia, 14, and Alisa Miroshyn a place to stay in a spare room.

However, after a month of waiting for their visas to be obtained, they are now stuck in Poland. Viktoria claims she sought assistance from Nick, who had applied for their visas on their behalf five weeks ago.
They were told they would receive it shortly. Still, the civil services demanded more confirmation the following weekend, proving Viktoria is Alisa’s aunt and is permitted to accompany her to the UK.
On the other hand, Nick argues that the officials dealing with the application hold a Lasting Power of Attorney, granting Viktoria the authority to care for her niece.

He stated: ‘It is just farcical and so frustrating. We have a home ready here for Viktoria and the two girls, but it seems to be one issue after another keeping them away.
‘When social services came to look at our house several weeks ago to make sure it was suitable, we were told that Viktoria should get a Lasting Power of Attorney to prove she was acting as a guardian for her niece.
‘I passed on the advice and they got the official document from the authorities in Ukraine about two or three days later, and I uploaded it as part of their application.
‘But now the officials seem to be querying this. It is just absolutely ridiculous and is putting unnecessary obstacles in the way.
‘Our civil servants appear to be deliberately obstructing refugees when civilians are being killed by bombing every day. It really is sickening.’


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